Do you need electrician services in Milang

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If you need electrician services in Milang, the team at Lance Kotz Electrical are the place to call. Our team can handle a wide range of electrical services from new installations to troubleshooting. To find out about our full range of services, call us today.

Expert performing electrician services in Milang

New home & extensions

Has your family out-grown your home and looking to put on an extension? Are you about to build your new dream home? Lance Kotz Electrical can help. Our electrician services include all the wiring and electrical work needed for a new home. You can trust that our team will handle all your electrical work for your new home or extension with the utmost of care and precision.

Electrician checking blown fuses

Blown fuses

If you have a blown fuse at your home or workplace, don't risk hurting yourself by trying to identify the problem yourself. Call in the experts at Lance Kotz Electrical.

These types of problems are easy to us, as we have done them hundreds of times before. We will be able to locate the problem quickly and rectify it as soon as possible.

Electrician services being performed in Milang


If you need to install a new electrical product in your home such as a ceiling fan or a power point, call us to give you a professional hand.

Attempting to install such items poses a great risk to an amateur who may not understand safe work practices. This is why you should call Lance Kotz Electrical to come in and take care of the job professionally.